Livell Two

38 Millimeter Bezel and fully adjustable band. Suitable for all phones with Android & iOS (iPhones). Analog and Digital screens on all variants. Charger included.

EUR €69.99 EUR €139.99

  • Rosé Gold Steel
  • Silver Steel
  • Rosé Gold Leather
  • Silver White Leather
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We believe that smartwatches should be affordable. They help you daily in life by keeping track of health and it provides updates of social life. We have done our best to make the watch compete with the best brands in the market. You can get the same features (or even more) for a fraction of the price! The Watch is designed for Men & Women. Maximum comfort without sacrificing the design.
Livell Two helps you exercise more every day. It uses a smart sensor to analyze daily steps and calories consumed and motivates you to be a better version of yourself. When you sit too long and risk your health, it will warn you to get up! It has an ergonomic design, is so comfortable and can be adjusted to your wrist. The sapphire glass is scratch resistant and the dial is made of high quality metal


Livell Two is a solution in a technological device that can help you in everyday life; This allows you to monitor health every day and enjoy the design that combines elegance and functionality. The results you can achieve with Livell One are remarkable. If you’re considering adopting a healthier lifestyle, now is the time to start!


The Livell One is compatible with a variety of sports, including running, climbing and cycling. Wear the watch and it will automatically check real-time heart rate and blood pressure and then sync with the app.

Suitable for iOS (iPhone) & all Android phones!
Up to 15 days of battery in standby!
IP68 Waterproof